Friday, October 14, 2011

One month.

Almost one month has passed.

Have I been thankful in that time??

Have I turned my outlook outward instead of inward where I dwell on the dark, dim self centeredness that inevitably turns into that awful sinking, shaking, unease of anxiety?

Have I really looked for all the good in my life over the last month??  Really looked.

I have so much to be thankful for. SO. MUCH.

I dwell.

On the bad. The difficult. The unknown. The slightly uncomfortable. The what ifs.

What if I dwelled on.....

The joy that is my growing, beautiful kids.

The hardworking, handsome, funny man that is my best friend and partner in life.

The blessings all around me - financial, family, work.

My faith - although still wavering at times, I know intellectually and in my heart that my God wants the very best for me - why can't I believe that??

Have you met my flower faces??

So I won't pledge to blog daily. But I will blog more regularly. When anxiety attempts to take over, when the weather pulls me down (seasonal depression is real people) when my own foul attitude takes me to places I don't want to be, I will be thankful. I will give thanks. I will find even the smallest thing to say thank you for because I know that that is one way to live life more fully, to take my mind off me and to be grateful for each breath I take each day. 

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