Monday, August 1, 2011

Heading towards Spring.... I am thankful.......

For heading towards spring!

For wintery, sunshiny, windy mild days where we can play outside all day and washing that dries in one day!

For for my hard working husband.

For my healthy, happy, bright sparkly kids.

For a new attitude to life.

For a new niece or nephew arriving in February! So happy for my Canadian peeps!

For having options for work, instead of sooking about what I hate, I will focus on the positive and turn what I am unhappy with into something that I love.

For my gorgeous friends. Especially my mothers group - you are all wonderful, beautiful friends and I love you all to bits.

For sleeping children who give me time to clean and exercise.

For the quiet whirr of the dishwasher, that means I am not washing dishes by hand.

For friends interstate who challenge me on an almost daily basis and have made me a better person and mother, (you know who you are my lovely friend)

For my daughter who daily shows me the meaning of love, life and forgiveness.

For my lovely mum who comes to do kinder drop off so JJ can keep sleeping. She is an angel.

For the smell of lamb roast slowly cooking in the oven.

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  1. Oh've made me cry! Thank you...but thank YOU...for times that began oh so long ago that are still treasured in my heart! Love you lots xx